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LION’s Kitchen Fire Scenario can be incorporated into any of our standard trailer sizes.

The Kitchen Fire Scenario begins as an oven fire and spreads to a pan on top of the stove. If left unchecked, the fire can spread to the trash can next to the stove. Heat and smoke intensify, triggering smoke alarms and requiring the trainee's appropriate action to call 911, extinguish the flames, or evacuate if necessary. The optional kitchen hazard recognition package adds a smoking toaster, smoking outlet, chemical cabinet, and a mounted TV/DVD player for safety videos.


Kitchen Emergency Events

  1. Oven fire ignites
  2. Smoke issues from oven & microwave
  3. Fire spreads to stovetop
  4. Overhead heaters intensify
  5. Trash can ignites
  6. Smoke detector alarms

Trainees must first call 911, knock down the fire with a laser training extinguisher and turn off the oven and stove to prevent reignition. If the trainee doesn’t get the fire out, the heat and smoke force evacuation.


21 Foot Fire Safety Trailer Example


27 Foot Fire Safety Trailer Example


34 Foot Fire Safety Trailer Example

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Kitchen Fire Scenario

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