• Regular Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers


Standard (BC) Dry Chemical is a sodium bicarbonate based extinguishing agent that is suitable for use on Class B and Class C fires.

REGULAR extinguishers contain a siliconized sodium bicarbonate based dry chemical with free-flowing and non-caking additives. Economical Class B & C protection with lower initial cost and recharging. This chemical smothers fires in flammable liquids and pressurized gases and will not conduct electricity back to the operator.


Typical Uses: For flammable liquid hazards in public areas such as offices, classrooms, churches, parking garages, and hotel/motel assembly halls and guest areas. For flammable liquid hazards in businesses such as retail stores, light manufacturing facilities, research facilities, auto dealerships, vehicle/aircraft/marine service centers, and manufacturing processes such as painting, dipping, and coating.

Not recommended for use on sensitive electronic equipment.


 Our Model Number 4302 4306 4310 4320
 UL & ULC RATING 10B:C 40B:C 60B:C 120B:C
 CAPACITY (LBS.) 2.5 5 10 20
 SHIPPING WT. (LBS.) 5.5 10 1/2 18 1/4 33 1/2
 HEIGHT (IN.) 15.5 16 3/8 21 21 1/4
 WIDTH (IN.) 5.75 7 1/4 7 3/4 8 3/4
 DEPTH (IN.) 3 4 1/4 5 1/8 7 1/2
 RANGE (INITIAL- FT 9-15 12-18 15-21 15-21
 DISCHARGE TIME (SEC.) 9 14 14 28



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Regular Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers

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