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The HF164E is the most powerful 16″ hazardous location fan in the fire industry.

The HF164E is a 16″ smoke ejector with a Bluffton, single speed, hazardous location electric motor, designed for high power air movement for the toughest of jobs. Perfect for departments with the need to force or pull air deep into a structure or underground with hazardous or unknown gasses.

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HF164E Features

Patented 4-tip recurve Aluminum Blade – holds up better than plastic in high heat

Precision Balanced Blade – maximizes output

Rubber Feet – heavy duty rubber adds friction to keep fan in place

4 Carry Handles – makes transportation easy with 1 or 2 people

Front and Rear Guards –  prevents accidental contact with key components

5 Year Warranty


HF164E Specs

Motor – Bluffton, single speed, hazardous location rated Class 1 Group D,
1-1/2 HP, 60Hz, 115/230V AC

HxWxD – 19.5″ x 18.75″ x 16″ – 495 mm x 477 mm x 406 mm

Blade Diameter – 16″ – 406 mm

Weight – 63 lbs – 28.5 kg

RPM – 3,450

Start – 6,000 w – 20 amp circuit

Run – 2,100 w

Output (Shroud) – 4,950 cfm – 8,410 cmh

Output (Venturi) – 9,620 cfm – 16,345 cmh



Optional Tilt Frame

super vac tilit frame

This bracket will help you point airflow precisely in any direction at any angle.  It easily retrofits onto an existing Super Vac i-Line fan or smoke ejector.

Allows for quick setup and effortless tilting of the fan in any direction.

Available for 12″ or 16″ Super Vac smoke ejectors or blowers/exhausters.



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Super Vac HF164 Confined Space fan

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