Never in firefighting history has one battery fan worked together with your department’s other DeWalt battery-operated tools.

Introducing the all-new Super Vac 18” variable-speed battery fan, which works with dual Dewalt® FLEXVOLT® batteries, making this rugged yet compact fan the most swappable PPV interface on the market.

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  1. Compact, Roll-Cage Frame: Features a tough yet lightweight aluminum frame to protect key components while providing a compact, lightweight design
  2. Fold-Down Ergonomic Handle: Folds into the frame for compact storage; features full-width handle for easy grip with heavy-duty gloves
  3. Flat-Proof Rubber Tires: Highly maneuverable, and all without lifting the fan; easy to deploy by the smallest firefighters.
  4. 180-Degree Tilt: Provides the largest tilt range among battery fans, allowing airflow to be directed virtually anywhere
  5. Dewalt FLEXVOLT Lithium-Ion Batteries: Batteries provide up to 40 minutes of max airflow, depending on battery selection; 120-240V AC operation is standard (with optional delete).
  6. Polymer Blade: Minimizes weight; Super Vac’s single-piece cast aluminum blade is available by request
  7. Precision-Spun Steel Shroud with StreamShaper Guard: Shroud provides durability with max airflow, while the StreamShaper guard allows for flexible setback; Air Cone Guard available by request


Standard Batteries

dewalt 9.0 battery


DeWalt FLEXVOLT 9.0Ah (2) (Compatible with all DeWalt 20/60/120V MAX Tools)

  • 35 minutes run time with built-in battery gauge,  at maximum airflow



Optional Batteries


DeWalt FLEXVOLT 12.0Ah (2) (Compatible with all DeWalt 20/60/120V MAX Tools)

  • 40 minutes run time with built-in battery gauge,  at maximum airflow

*Up to 45 minutes run time, depending on battery selection. 120V MAX is based on using 2 DEWALT 60V MAX*lithium-ion batteries combined.



attic attack
For attic attacks For Positive tilt attacks Storage angle For negative tilt attacks For manhole attacks

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Super Vac V18-BD 18" DeWalt Battery Powered Positive Pressure Ventilator

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