• Kochek Fire Hose Washer


Helps keep your hose clean & vibrant.


Permits washing of fire hose without the labor of brushing the hose.

Two cone shaped pressure jets wash the hose twice during each application.

✔ The impact of the pressure jets from two annular gaps pulls the hose through the washer (some hand guidance may be needed).

✔ The water flow gaps are set at the factory if more or less is needed use provided allen wrenches to adjust. The small allen screw increases/decreases water flow while the larger allen screws lock the position.

✔ The washer also comes with a water inlet screen to prevent impurities from entering the washer.

Five factory year warranty

Details/Operating Instructions

  • The washer can be used up to 3” diameter hose.
  • The hose washer operates best at 100 PSI.
  • Use on a flat, clean surface only.
  • Connect a 2 ½” hose the inlet of the hose washer. Slowly open the water supply to the connected hose line and begin flowing water to the appliance increase pressure slowly.
  • Pass the hose through the washer orifice into the washer, the pressure of the water jets will aid in pulling the hose line through the washer.
  • Slowly guide the hose through the washer to fully rinse dirt and debris from the hose repeat process as necessary.


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Kochek Fire Hose Washer

  • $395.95

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