Female Gender Sizing

Ladies, are you tired of ordering your shoes and boots in male gender sizing? Haix women’s boots & shoes are female gender sizing. Available on many favorite Haix shoes and boots. No more need to downsize, order your size you usually wear in fine ladies shoes and boots.

Haix Airpower R2 Womens Boot

HAIX AIRPOWER® R2 WOMENS BOOT The second generation for EMS and station.  Certifi..


Haix Airpower XR1 Pro Boots- Women's Size

HAIX AIRPOWER® XR1 PRO BOOT WOMENS SIZE We made an upgrade to the original vers..


Haix Black Eagle Safety 55 Mid Side Zip Womens Boots

HAIX BLACK EAGLE® SAFETY 55 MID SIDE ZIP WOMENS BOOT Lightweight with Side Zip Convenienc..


Haix Fire Eagle Air Womens Boots

HAIX FIRE EAGLE® AIR WOMENS BOOTS Athletic Footwear for Firefighters – Li..


Haix Fire Hero Xtreme Womens Boots

HAIX FIRE HERO XTREME WOMENS BOOTS Honeycomb tread pattern and yellow suction cups make this ..


Haix Fire Hunter USA Womens Boot

HAIX FIRE HUNTER USA WOMENS BOOT It’s time to ditch those clunky rubber boots and step ..


Haix Fire Hunter Xtreme Womens Boots

HAIX FIRE HUNTER XTREME WOMENS BOOTS The Fire Hunter Xtreme bunker boot by HAIX® has got ..


Haix Airpower XR2 Winter Womens Boot

HAIX AIRPOWER® XR2 WINTER WOMENS BOOT HAIX® is excited to announce the release of our..


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