Maximum Cutting Performance, Minimal Space.

This kit comes with a 14” K12FD94 Rescue Saw and a SHARK II Ventilation Chainsaw 20” 

Kit includes

  • K12FD94, 14″ 94cc/6.5hp Rescue Saw
  • Piraya 14″ Diamond Blade
  • SHARK II 20, 66DL”572 Ventilation Chainsaw 20” (71cc/5.8hp)
  • Carbide tipped chain, 20”
  • Safety gas can
  • Gas stabilizer
  • 2-cycle oil, bar & chain oil
  • Bar & chain protector
  • Hearing protector
  • One carrying sling
  • Space Saver Steel Case* (optional)
  • Truck Mounting Brackets (optional)

*Space Saver Kit will fit K12FD94 14” saw.


TEAM PIRAYA Rescue Saw Blades for ALL Rescue Saws

TEAM has applied a common-sense approach to diamond blades for rescue saws. The Team Piraya is a unique “Multi-Purpose” blade that cuts an enormous spectrum of materials without loss of cutting speed.

The Piraya is a perfect blade for Fire Departments as time is of the essence and you are rarely in a position to evaluate the “exact” type blade required to cut a particular item. Chances are the TEAM Piraya blade will cover any situation. If you know you are venting a roof, and your saw manufacturer allows the use of a carbide-tipped blade, then use the TEAM Maxiblade or Team Blazer Blade for fast rapid roof cutting or consider adding a SHARK Ventilation Chainsaw for a two-saw cache. One for roof ventilation and the other for everything else.

TEAM Rescue Blades perfect for all extrication, forcible entry and rescue operations!

Time Tested, Time Trusted by Police, Fire Departments, RIT, SOC, USAR, FEMA, Task Force’s and forcible entry teams worldwide and more.




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K12FD94 14” & SHARK II 20” Saw Bundle

  • $4,645.95

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