Forcible Entry

When it comes to forcible entry tools, no one has a better selection than Fire Hooks Unlimited. Pro-Bars, axes, Hydra Ram, sledgehammers, and battering rams are just a few items we can supply. Kindly review our selection below to see our lineup of forcible entry tools.

Fire Hooks Adz Bar

FIRE HOOKS ADZ BAR   The Fire Hooks Adz Bar is a Pro-Bar (Halligan) tool, except t..


Fire Hooks Boston Rake Hook With Steel Shaft

BOSTON RAKE HOOK WITH STEEL SHAFT   Presently in use by the Boston Fire Departmen..

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Fire Hooks HD Bar

HD BAR   The HD BAR - is a "New House Developed" Halligan forcible entry tool..


Fire Hooks Jake Rake

JAKE RAKE   Named in honor of our Boston area firefighters The Jake Rake inclu..


Fire Hooks Johnny Bar

JOHNNY BAR   The Johnny Bar is a modified version of the most utilized fire and rescue ..


Fire Hooks Pro Bar 30"

FIRE HOOKS PRO BAR 30”   The most utilized tool in the fire and rescue service to..


Fire Hooks Wide-Adz Pro Bar Halligan

FIRE HOOKS WIDE-ADZ PRO BAR HALLIGAN 30” The most utilized tool in the fire and rescu..


Fire Hybrid Halligan Type Bar

HYBRID HALLIGAN TYPE BAR   The Hybrid Halligan - is a "New House Developed" H..


K-Tool Kit

K-TOOL KIT Developed By a Firefighter for Firefighters Due to the new & stronger d..

$158.95 $180.00

Farr Bar

FARR BARR A new and innovative design of a ROOF HOOK on one end and the FORK END of a ..

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Farr Bar Pick

FARR BARR PICK A new and innovative design of a ROOF HOOK on one end and the ADZ and P..


Fire Hooks Black Maxx

BLACK MAXX Striking head on one side to open material and a pointed head/blade on other to ..


Fire Hooks Buster Mod Tool

BUSTER MOD TOOL This is a modified version of the Fire Hooks Buster Tool. A Gunbarrel st..


Fire Hooks Buster Tool

BUSTER TOOL Rex lock pulling buster with 4 lb. sledge face. A Gunbarrel steel unit with ..


Fire Hooks Dynamic Foursome

DYNAMIC FOURSOME Carrying your axe and bar just got easier. A three-piece forcible ent..


Fire Hooks Husqvarna 536Li XP Battery Power Chainsaw Package

536Li XP Husqvarna Battery Powered Chainsaw Package For professionally oriented users wh..


Fire Hooks Husqvarna K 535i Battery Power Saw Package

K535i Husqvarna Circular Power Cutter Package The Husqvarna K 535i is a lightweight battery..


Fire Hooks HUSQVARNA K12 FD Rescue Saw Package

K12 FD RESCUE SAW PACKAGE This package is designed for FD Rescue Teams.   Our most..


Fire Hooks In-Forcer 30 inch

IN-FORCER Lock pulling buster with sledge. A Gunbarrel steel unit with sledge face, serr..


Fire Hooks Maxx Axe 32 Inch

MAXX AXE 32” The  Maxx Axe head is a combination lock slot axe/sledgehammer head..


Fire Hooks Maxx Axe 36 Inch

MAXX AXE 36” The  Maxx Axe has a combination lock slot axe/sledgehammer hea..


Fire Hooks HUSQVARNA K770 Saw With Blade

K770 SAW (replaces K760) This lightweight saw is a perfect choice for any Fire Department o..

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Aluminum Wedge

ALUMINUM WEDGE A positive aid for forcible entry made of 6061-T6 aluminum.   The 7..


Bolt Cutters- Heavy Duty

BOLT CUTTERS – HEAVY DUTY Heavy-Duty Contractor Quality Bolt Cutters   ..

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