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The ORIGINAL Spring Clip Bracket – Accept no imitations!


– The most economical way to store and secure air cylinders.

– Highly customizable—fits virtually all makes and models of SCBA. Choose between multiple protective coatings and clip sizes.

– Simple, easy, and quick. To stow, simply place the valve on the footplate and push the cylinder into the clips. To remove, just pull the cylinder free.

Note: Per NFPA standards, these brackets should only be used in non-crew areas/the station unless the apparatus was manufactured prior to 2003.


Clip Coatings:

All bracket components are coated with a specially-formulated thermoplastic. This durable crack/peel-resistant coating protects the bracket from rust, prevents damage to the cylinder, and provides a slippery finish for easier cylinder removal.

– Standard (UN): Our black base coating. For low to moderate use.

Clip Sizes:

Clips may be easily replaced when worn or swapped when making departmental changes to the make/model of cylinder to be stored.

– 6″ Clips: For 6.1″ to 6.9″ diameter cylinder.


– Short Footplate (SF): Our standard footplate for 30 and 45-minute cylinders.

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WALK-A-WAY BRK STAND CLIP (Clearance Sale, Warehouse 7, Bin 70714)

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